.The Lodge provides services of Western and Local meals and drinks. From the lake-facing restaurants you always experience evening sunset and the lovely landscape sightseeing and photographing.

The Lodge also has Tree Bar, high ground stage in trees for special drinks. Couple and friends always enjoy this high-tree-level drink service. Taking photographs from this site is also super

Evening dinner is served in open restaurant.

Morning breakfast in open restaurant.

Tasty breakfast facing the open lake is served. 

Ethiopian 'Tibis' with soup, commonly served lunch or dinner . 

Barbeque  tibis, traditionally roasted vell or goat meat.

Tasty Firfir. Ethiopian hot breakfast mainly served for breakfast. 

Meal service with Chinees guests in open restaurant.  

Meal service with Addis hiking groups in open restaurant.  

Buffet service  at Doho restaurant.