Game driving is one of enjoyable activities in wildlife areas nearby Doho Lodge. It is an advantage of seeing wildlife while driving and walking. Doho Lodge is located at the center of Awash and Allideghe-Assebot National Parks, which one can see many wild animals and a variety of bird species. Guests can visit Awash NP along the way to see the giant Awash falls and its gorge. In Awash Park, Illala Sala Plain and on the way to the old hot spring (Northern section of the park) are better sites to spot large and medium-sized wild animals.

Allideghe-Assebot National Park is in a better position for tourists to see many wildlife including Grevy's zebras, Oryx, Gazelles, Gerenuk, Ostriches, and many large-sized birds.

Awash, Doho, Bilen and Allideghe-Assebot sites are number one wildlife areas for bird watchers and to see some game animals. These areas are rich in bird diversity with more than 484 species recorded, the leading in Ethiopia. Doho Lodge is in the center with lovely accommodation and refreshing natural hot springs.

The Lodge is set here nicely viewing of Doum palm forest and vast typha reed grasses as best be spotted from here. Since the Lodge is based 48 m North of Awash National Park, and 35 km Southwest of Allideghe-Assebot NP, it is easy to visit the surrounding wildlife and beautiful nature/landscape.

Our organization assigned 4WD vehicles and shuttles to do rental service. Upon request, we can make available medium- and/or large-sized buses.