When talking about bird watching tourism in Ethiopia, the Middle Rift Valley of Awash National Park, Doho area, Bilen site and Allideghe-Assebot National Park should stand first with their bird diversity, with more than 484 species.

These areas are adjoining sites of vast land and have all habitat types including the highland Ankober area that accommodates Ankober Serine. Bush, thicket, woodland, open grassland, rocky area, wetlands, open waters, rivers, gorges and mountainous area is rich in both aquatic and terrestrial birds. The area still deserves as the prominent birding site in the country and also popular globally.

Doho Lodge being in the center can serve as base site for taking accommodation with its refreshing World Class Hot Spring Pools of private and communal. Considering Doho Lodge as resting site, it is possible to assess Awash National Park in the South, Bilen and Allideghe-Assebote in the North as one birding route. As being involving in wildlife conservation, and bird watching is our priority job, we strongly advice that the central and Northern part of Awash National Park still preserves quite many species and would continue serving as potential birding site in Ethiopia.

In general, Awash area is unique in such a way that many species are listed in a family when compared to other bird sites, like seven species of bustards, 20 species of weavers, 13 species of starlings, 9 species of shrikes, 26 species of warbles, 9 species of barbets, 10 species of cuckoos and coucals, 14 species of doves and pigeons, 38 species of vultures, eagles and hawks, and a variety of herons, cormorants, ducks, kingfishers, etc. are common to see. It is a lovely place to do evening and morning bird watching.

Looking for the four giant bird species (Kori and Arabian Bustards, Secretary Bird and Ground Hornbill) at Allideghe Wildlife Area.

 Arabian Bustard nearby Doho Lodge.

Looking for the four giant bird species (Kori & Arabian Bustards, Secretary Bird & Ground Hornbill) at Allideghe Wildlife Area.

Black-Chested snake-eagle at Awash National Park.

A team composed of bird watching experts at Awash NP.

Secretary Bird while perching rodents at Awash NP.

Looking for forest and bush-dwelling birds at the Northern part of Awash NP.

Awash Lodge guests looking for thicket and bush-dwelling birds at Awash NP.

Gracefull Goliath heron perching fish at Awash River, Awash NP.