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Welcome to Doho Lodge!

Doho Lodge is welcoming you to its untouched Doum palm forest, Savanna, Typha Reed, lakes and hot spring habitats. It is situated 22 km northwest of Awash Town with the shortcut road and 36 km along the asphalt road of Semera-Djibouti and with only 6 km gravel road.

It is 246 km east of Addis Ababa. This area is amazing for its natural hot springs.


"Nature in Nature"

Doho Lodge is under full service as of March 2015. This new Lodge is a sister company of the Awash Falls Lodge. The Lodge is located at the expanse of the Awash Hot Springs, at the northern edge of Awash National Park, 22 km from Awash Sebat Town to northwest. The area accommodates immense attractions.



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