Tours to Doho, Allideghe & Awash

Lovely short and long-walks and drives are organised around Doho Lodge. Since, it is situated by the

northern edge of Awash National Park, the area is endowed with abundant wildlife with attractive landscape. 

Below please find our tour packages for guests who can choose and do various tour activities in the area. 

Tour type What to see? Distance (One way) Time taken (hr) Sight seeing
Game drive/ Wildlife walk    Awash National Park: Savannah Drive & Awash Gorge View: Beisa oryx, Soemmering’s gazelle, Lesser kudu, Warthog, Baboons, Dik dik, Awash Gorge, a variety of birds, and others 48 km 1 hr
Allideghi Wildlife Reserve: Grevy’s zebra, Ostrich, Oryx, Gazelle, Arabian bustard, Secretary bird & the Afar community 38 km 45 min
Doho Lodge: Seeing of a variety of wildlife, including Waterbuck, Hamadryas baboon, Rock hyrax, Crocodile, warthog, aquatic birds & palm forest       
Bird watching Bustards (Arabian & Kori), Hornbills, Secretary bird, Hawks, goshawks, kestrels, falcons, African fish eagle, owl, king fishers, and a variety of other birds in Awash Park and Allideghe Wildlife Reserve 16-43 km 30 min - 1:30 hr drive
 Hot spring bathing & swimming Enjoy bathing and swimming in the natural hot springs    50 m  5 min  
Mountain hiking


Hiking the small hill, Aseda Peak  

Hiking Mt.   Fentale, the highest Mt in the area, 2007 m a.s.l.

 1 km  30 mt
Tent camping

Tent camping is also an enjoyable stay in both lodge compounds with river falls music.


Bush Breakfast-Supper

Great landscape /sunset view

Wonderful view of flat & Mountainous landscape with palm & acacia forest

Memorable Bush Breakfast is served




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