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Beautiful Country Eco-Lodge!

Doho Lodge & Hot Springs, established in 2016, is one of the top tourist destinations in Ethiopia, with immense and unique attractions: wildlife of Awash and Allideghe National Parks, Waterfalls [Awash Falls, the second large falls in Ethiopia next to Abay/Nile Falls], natural hot springs with private and communal pools having strong healing power on human health, smocks of volcanos on top of Mt Fentale, marvelous Awash gorge, vast palm forest on Northern Awash NNP with typha reed tall grasses and traditions and cultures of locales: Afar and Kereyu-Oromo communities.

The Lodge is located at the northern outer edge of Awash National Park with 246 km East of Addis Ababa along the Addis-Djibouti-Harar main road. It is located in one of the main tourist circuits that connects the land of Lucy, Erteale, Harar, Ankober, etc… - at the North-Eastern Triangle of Eastern Ethiopia.

Around the Lodge and in nearby national parks, one can see abundant, rare and unique wildlife: Mammals of over 80 species including Lion, Leopard, Waterbuck, Hippo, Oryx, Lesser kudu, Jackal,  Hyena and Gazelle and birds of more than 484 species of many indigenous and rare species. This area is the leading nationally in bird diversity.

The lodge is beloved by many local and international visitors. It offers year round great retreat. The new Addis Abeba-Adama Express Road has given great advantage for the business by shortening the travel time to the lodge makes it more accessible for guests. Currently, it takes about 3 -3:30 hours drive of any vehicle type. Soon, it will be connected to the Capital city, Addis Ababa with the new railway making it more accessible to business visitors with limited time like those coming to Ethiopia for conferences, exhibitions and international and regional meetings.

Currently, the Lodge is upgrading itself with more constructions of new restaurants, a meeting hall, 36 more bed rooms and additional swimming pools.                                               

                    Partial view of Doho Lodge & Hot Springs.    

                    Breakfast service at the Lodge's open restaurant. 

Colorful dressing of Afar communities working in Doho Lodge.


 A pair of adult Oryx in Awash National Park. 

Head Office Staff - Below are senior members of the admin staff. 

  Yirmed Demeke, Owner & Co-Founder                Emebet Seyoum, Finance Manager & Co-Founder


        Binyam Yirmed, IT & Marketing Manager                              Zewdu Gezahagn, Driver Guide 


    Mohammed Fentale, Customer Service & Tour Operation Manager





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